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Dreams Can Come True

’’Every child begins their life journey with big dreams or ideals. Some of them wish to become great athletes and already see themselves as champions. Others plan to get trained in a vocation and they invest in their abilities. Some children aspire to professions which are more difficult to attain, such as lawyers or doctors. Characterized by a contagious optimism and a rarely encountered motivation, right after taking my high school graduation exam in 2017, I applied to college in Oradea, at The Faculty of History, International Relations, Political Sciences and Communication Sciences—at the Journalism Department. One of my childhood dreams has been to become Romania’s best reporter.
Both for me and for hundreds of children, Caminul Felix, besides being a shelter that we can call home, has also meant the place where we have had the opportunity to invest in ourselves, in our talents and passions. I have chosen to follow my passion and build my story.
At the beginning of each new year, I have the habit of making a list of the most important objectives to achieve throughout the months of that particular year. For the year 2020, the list consisted of four main points.

• The first point on the list was to graduate from college and to pass the bachelor exam. I recently graduated from college and have aced the bachelor exam. I was so happy to be able to check off this desideratum on my list.
• The second point on my list was to be admitted to a master’s degree in the capital. In order to take one more step toward the fulfillment of my dream, I have applied for a master’s degree, but this time in Bucharest. I have invested time, money and energy in myself in order to develop my oratory and communication skills and have desired with all my heart to continue in this field. What I felt in my heart the moment I found my name on the list of students admitted in the tuition-free program is indescribable.
• The third point on the list was connected to the fourth one. These are my desiderata which, with God’s help, I will accomplish soon—writing a book on my life story and recording an album with songs I have written as a result of experiences I have been through.
Dear sponsors, thank you for all of your support throughout my years of studies so far. You have meant a lot to me! In the fall I will begin a new chapter in my life and I will continue to need your support. You are the people who have given me a chance to hope in something and to believe in my dream. You are the people in the shadow, whose presence is not seen but is felt. You are a real blessing to me, but also to other children at Caminul Felix.
Because of your (the sponsors’) help, my dream can come true. Caminul Felix has been my chance which I have taken full advantage of because I knew what I wanted to do in life and because I was convinced that even the most unattainable dreams can someday be fulfilled through effort, hard work, determination and desire.
I feel honored to have been a part of this plan of God concerning my life story. I am grateful to Him for all the beautiful people I have met through these years. I want to make them proud of everything I will accomplish. I am convinced that He will take care of me, just like in His providence He has done up until now.
I believe in the opportunity that I have, I believe in what God has gifted me with. What matters is that I remain positive and offer value to the talent I have received. I confidently develop the abilities that I have and there is one more thing that I believe, namely that dreams can come true.’’

Alin Pop
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