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Who we are

The many needs in the everyday life of orphaned or abandoned children are met by the dedication of many people who open their hearts by giving and supporting Camel Felix. We want to respond to children's desires and needs to have a family, because each child deserves to grow and develop surrounded by love.


Caminul Felix was founded in 1990 by Linda and Lars Hörnberg. Their vision was to care for abandoned children by providing them with families offering love and security. Selling everything they had in the States and in Sweden, they moved to Oradea in a small aparment and took 4 children in care. Knowing that a better orphanage will not help the children, they thought a family would be the best place for a child. This is how Caminul Felix was born.

Our Mission

Caminul Felix responds to the needs of the abandoned children of Romania. We bring children together with a mother and a father who are called to raise these children as their own. This is a preferred model of care and it is proven to give maximum results, offering support in their psycho-emotional development and at the same time giving them a future.


Parents, children, young adults in Căminul Felix are engaged in various activities and projects such as tailoring workshop, carpentry workshop, farm, car workshop as well as other means of support. All these are meant to help them develop, but also to give them practical life skills, all guided by the same common goal.

Watch our story

Here you can find some words from the founder, parents, children and other people involved in the day to day life of Caminul Felix. Many lives could be exchanged through Căminul Felix and the people who believed in this work contributed in various forms to develop and impact more and more lives.






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