Caminul Felix Academy

Caminul Felix Academy is the governing school of Caminul Felix’s Family Concept. The Academy is the training ground for current and future house parents, and leaders of Family Villages. It will serve as a place of learning, where parents can prepare for their new challenges.

The Academy seeks to serve as an academic center offering a solid and sound curriculum based on formal educational standards combined with over 15 years of real-life experiences. The Academy will be a forum for information exchange, where students can learn best practices and applied knowledge from our families.

Our structure offers a caring alternative for the abandoned and neglected children of the world. It encourages meaningful, lasting relationships in a secure family environment with loving parents and an extended family, brothers and sisters. It supports the healing and discovery of a child unlocking their senses and their dreams.

As we expand our mission and activities, Caminul Felix Academy will become the foundation for translating the family concept into new Family Villages. 

Action Felix has secured the land for the facilities. We are currently seeking funding for the building of the Academy, which will consist of an educational complex, a library, and a gymnasium/gathering hall.

We welcome your participation in this exciting opportunity.

For information, please contact Marcel Filip at: