About Us

Caminul Felix believes that the Family Concept is the key to unlocking a child that has been neglected and abandoned. A child suffering from trauma and abandonment needs a safe haven where he or she can feel secure and have time to heal and discover life. At Caminul Felix Family Villages we provide that haven—a home, loving adoptive parents and an extended family, brothers and sisters.

Today Caminul Felix has two villages in Oradea, in the western part of Romania. Our organization consists of 16 families caring for over 200 children. As we continue to provide loving families, we also celebrate our first generations of Caminul Felix children who are successfully making their transitions into adulthood.

We recognize the need for building similar family models across the globe. We have been invited by other governments and organizations in Eastern Europe and Africa to bring and develop the Caminul Felix Family Concept. In an effort to expand our mission internationally, we have established the Caminul Felix Academy to provide training for current and future adoptive parents. With growing support, our team continues to help more of the abandoned children of the world.

We believe in creating and managing resources for long-term development. Caminul Felix has built a non-profit commercial organization, Action Felix. Action Felix focuses on developing a self-sustaining business model by managing a portfolio of integrated businesses while providing training and hands-on experiences for the children of Caminul Felix.

Caminul Felix was founded in 1990 by Linda and Lars Hörnberg.