How can you help?

Caminul Felix exists and grows only through your generous support.
We invite you to change the life of a child!

Sponsor a Child
Your commitment to provide financial resources for a child creates a world of opportunity and hope for each life you touch. Your child will blossom in a new home at Caminul Felix, with a mom and dad, all medical attention, access to schools and education, plus all the support needed for a good start in life.

To make an online gift, please visit our Donate Now page.

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Operational Support
Your gift to our operations ensures the day-to-day support for our families. With over 200 active and growing children, we constantly need food, clothing and shoes, medical and household goods. For specific needs, please contact Marcel Filip at or Lars Hornberg at

To make an online gift, please visit our Donate Now page.

Mission Teams – Come and you’ll never be the same again!
Caminul Felix invites you to come and experience a model of ministry that can save the lives of children around the world. We welcome you and your mission teams to use your heart, talents, skills, and knowledge. Please visit our Mission Trips page for more details.

Donate Vehicles
With extended families, Caminul Felix is in constant need of safe, reliable transportation. Your funds or vehicle donation would be greatly appreciated. For information, please contact Marcel Filip at or Lars Hornberg at

Estate Planning and Living Memorials
In recent years we have become a comfort to families who initiated contributions to the ministries of Caminul Felix as part of their estate or as living memorials. It is our desire with humility and respect to become the living testament for your family and friends in their time of grief, offering some comfort as a life giving partner in ministry to these once abandoned children. Such a decision should only be made in complete confidence, so we invite you to contact us: Caminul Felix or Assist International